Draga Dobrogea

Dobrogea carries something magical about it.


I think it's because of the hills. I've been roaming around for most of my childhood, wandering until the wind seizes to blow. Reading the territory, witnessing every piece of rock. But here, the wind never stops carving, giving nature shape and movement.


I've been photographing my travels to Dobrogea for the past 5 years, constructing my perception of the territory and it's identity.


These images are the result of an on-going project portraying my surroundings, thanks to photography.

Bogdan Catalin Cazacioc was born in Bucharest (Romania) in 1988 and is now studying and preparing to get his Bachelor Degree in Photography, Experimental Filmmaking and Digital Image Processing at the National University of Arts.


Check out also this selection of selfies of big masters of photography that Bogdan prepared for us: